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FHS Awards Show - Biggest Breakout

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Joffrey Lupul picked up four out of five first place votes from FHS staff.
Joffrey Lupul picked up four out of five first place votes from FHS staff.

Welcome to the third annual FHS Awards Show where we deliver the hardware to those deserving players who helped you to fantasy glory. We polled the FHS writers to get a consensus opinion but we've also included a poll to give you a chance to tell us we're idiots.

Yesterday we gave out the award for the the biggest superstar breakout.

Today we'll hand out our final and most important award. It's the award for the breakout of the year. These are the guys who win fantasy pools as they would have been pretty much available for free in a lot of leagues to begin the season ended it in your starting lineup.

And the nominees are....

David Desharnais C Canadiens
Projected: 76 gms with 13+22=35 with 20 pims & 89 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 16+44=60 with 24 pims & 98 shots.

Are you of the thinking that David Desharnais had such an enormous breakout season because he's just a great playmaker or because Max Pacioretty and Erik Cole are great goal scorers? Well, the 98 shots in 81 games suggest that he was looking to pass anytime he touched the puck, so as long as he's got those guys on his wings, we like his chances to have continued success.

Pascal Dupuis LW Penguins
Projected: 81 gms with 17+18=35 with 38 pims & 165 shots.
Actual: 82 gms with 25+34=59 with 34 pims & 214 shots.

You know all about it. Dupuis finished the regular season on an other-worldly 17 game point scoring streak. Prior to the streak, he had 37 points in 65 games which was still above his normal pace. Of his 22 points during the streak, NONE were on the powerplay. As a matter of fact, he only had one PPP all season, and it was an assist in the first game of the year. It will be interesting to see what he could do over a full season with a in his prime Crosby, because it's obvious that the two have some chemistry.

Valtteri Filppula C Red Wings
Projected: 75 gms with 16+28=44 with 33 pims & 131 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 23+43=66 with 14 pims & 144 shots.

This breakout was a long time coming for the now 28-year-old Filppula. The promise was always there but he just never delivered. He battled through injuries the last few years, but still only topped a 50 point pace once in his career (2009-10 when he had 35 points in 55 games). The 66 points he picked up his year were a 27 point increase on last season's totals and gave Filppula his first season on the right side of 50 points.

Jason Garrison D Panthers
Projected: 73 gms with 6+11=17 with 33 pims & 91 shots.
Actual: 77 gms with 16+17=33 with 32 pims & 168 shots.

No one could have seen this coming from the G-52 Bomber. He had scored 22 goals in the BCHL eight years ago, but since then, he'd never even cracked double digits. But he found a home on the Panthers blue line, banging home 16 goals (good for third amongst defencemen) with 9 coming on the PP (good for second among defencemen). His168 shots were even 19th among defencemen. Needless to say, you got a lot of value out of a guy you undoubtedly grabbed off the wire.

Joffrey Lupul RW Maple Leafs
Projected: 73 gms with 24+21=45 with 52 pims & 183 shots.
Actual: 66 gms with 25+42=67 with 48 pims & 191 shots.

The only complaint you can find for Lupul was that he couldn't stay healthy for the entire season. He very well could have found himself in the top 5 in scoring if he did. Even missing 16 games, he still hit career highs in assists and points. He was absolutely lethal when paired with Phil Kessel, no matter who was centering them. You might be able to get him at a discount next season if you've bought in.

Matt Moulson LW Islanders
Projected: 82 gms with 30+20=50 with 21 pims & 217 shots.
Actual: 82 gms with 36+33=69 with 6 pims & 219 shots.

Us fantasy owners can forgive the fact that the dude is up for the Lady Byng after giving us a measly 6 PIM in 82 games when he's scoring 36 goals and falling one point shy of 70. This was the second straight year that we expected a regression from Moulson Ice, yet it's the third straight year that he's improved all while taking around the same amount of shots. Give the credit to John Tavares if you will, but next season HAS to be the first time we show this guy some respect.

Ryan O`Reilly C Avalanche
Projected: 75 gms with 11+14=25 with 17 pims & 124 shots.
Actual: 81 gms with 18+37=55 with 12 pims & 189 shots.

Since he was 20 years old at the beginning of the season it's easy to forget that O`Reilly has three NHL seasons under his belt already. His first two years were forgettable 26 pointers but put a Landeskog on his wing and things get all breakouty in here. We would be even happier if he had a few more PIM's (he had just 12) but that's just getting a bit greedy.

P.A. Parenteau RW Islanders
Projected: 81 gms with 17+27=44 with 40 pims & 157 shots.
Actual: 80 gms with 18+49=67 with 89 pims & 167 shots.

In his first full season Parenteau picked up a respectable (and Tavares influenced) 53 points and 46 PIM's so technically (by our measures) this past year wasn't a breakout. Still we'll give PAP a nod because he took his game to a whole new level and how many 9th round picks breakout as a 29-year-old? Pierre-Alexandre rattled off 14 point and 23 PIM increases and chucked in 19 PPP to boot. That's good enough to be starting in most leagues.

Wayne Simmonds RW Flyers
Projected: 82 gms with 15+18=33 with 91 pims & 128 shots.
Actual: 82 gms with 28+21=49 with 114 pims & 197 shots.

Which of Simmonds' stats impressed you the most? The career high 28 goals? The career high 49 points? The career high 197 shots? The career high 11 PPG? Throw in 114 PIM and you had to be pleased with the returns that this guy gave you. At only 23 years old, the future appears to be bright for the power forward.

And the winner is....

1st - Joffrey Lupul (12 points)
T2nd - David Desharnais & Pascal Dupuis (4 points)
T3rd - Valtteri Filppula & Matt Moulson (3 points)
T4th - Jason Garrison & Ryan O`Reilly & P.A. Parenteau & Wayne Simmonds (1 point)

(3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the poll or comments.

That's the end of the awards show. Thanks for your votes and comments. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.