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Fantasy Stars of the Week - Week #25

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It's going to take a lot more than a David Backes hoedown to throw Mike Smith off his game.
It's going to take a lot more than a David Backes hoedown to throw Mike Smith off his game.

The biggest and brightest from the past week in Fantasy Land, as voted by FHS writers.

This will do it for the regular season SOTW - hope you had a great year. We'll continue to post weekly standouts on Mondays during the playoffs, but I think I'll mix up the format a bit. If there's a specific star category you'd like to see during the playoffs, let us know in the comments. I think Dark Horse of the Week is already a must.

Thanks to Cam, Jay, Mike and Dio for casting your star votes and adding content throughout the year. Our little democracy has yet to be recognized by the UN, but hey, at least we avoided any embarrassing robocall scandals.

Three Stars of the Week

3rd Star, from the Pittsburgh Penguins, numero 58, Kris Letang... 3 games 1+5=6, plus-5, six PIM and eight shots. This was all against the best the Eastern Conference has to offer (Rangers, Flyers, and Bruins). Let's hope during our drafts next season that some people forgot that he missed 31 games which is the only reason he had only 42 points. FHS Votes: 2 seconds, 1 third.

2nd Star, from the Pittsburgh Penguins, numero 87, Sidney Crosby... 3+3=6, three PPP, and two GWG. Crosby wasn't even trying and he still put up a sick week. He torched the regular season for 37 points in 22 games which translates to 132 points over an 82 game season. Does he go #1 overall if healthy next season? FHS Votes: 1 first, 2 thirds.

1st Star, from the Phoenix Coyotes, numero 41, Mike Smith... 3-0-0, .982 SV%, 0.67 GAA, and one shutout. Just two goals on 108 shots. He carried his team (and likely many fantasy hockey teams) to a first place finish and broke the record for consecutive saves in the same week. Hard to believe this is the same guy who played for the Lightning last year. Dave Tippett deserves a medal or something. FHS Votes: 3 firsts, 1 third.

Honorable mention: from the Columbus Blue Jackets, numero 13, Cam Atkinson... I had already written up Atkinson as third star this week, but Dio's last minute email swayed things in Letang's favour. Oh, the drama. In three games this week, Atkinson had 5+1=6, a plus-4 and 12 shots and the kid is suddenly on everyone's radar. As I mentioned in last Thursday's live blog, "Atkinson is a player to watch next year - he has great tools and the Jackets have f*** all up front so he'll get nice minutes." Yep. Or maybe he shits the bed. FHS Votes: 2 seconds.

Rookie Star of the Week: Cam Atkinson (CBJ) - with Atkinson (almost) making the top three, we couldn't really go with anyone else for rookie this week.

Breakout Star of the Week: kind of tough to call anyone's last week of the year a breakout, but we had some interesting and worthy submissions this week: 1. Bobby Ryan - he finishes the season on a strong note (six points) which gives him just 57 on the season. Not what you were hoping for from your 1st or 2nd round pick. 2. Max Pacioretty with 3+2=5, plus-5, and 10 shots. MaxPac's 33 goals, 32 assists, and 286 shots should make him a hot commodity next season. 3. Anton Khudobin. Just one game, but he stopped 44 of 45 shots and any time he's been called up to the NHL he's done REALLY well: 5-1-0 record with a 1.32 GAA and .961 SV%.

Breakdown of the Week: again, a trio of great submissions: 1. David Backes - just when fantasy owners needed him most he puts up a stinker. Zero points and a minus-3. I thought his guy was supposed to be clutch! 2. Teemu Selanne with no goals, one assist, a league worst minus-5 for the week, and just two measly shots. 3. Ryan Miller. Team fighting for playoffs and he goes 3.44 GAA and .883 SV%

Free Agent Star of the Week (less than 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues): Teddy Purcell with four goals in four games. Not that it matters anymore but this guy was only owned in 43% of Y! leagues even though he's 40th in the league in scoring. Cam Atkinson was a good choice here too, as Mike pointed out he was owned in 0% of Y! leagues. Dio mentioned Michael Grabner (22% owned) too as he finished the year in a high note with 3+1=4 this week.

FHS: Thursday Night Live! Star of the Week: ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause please for mjm44 for finishing first in last week's TNL over/under/pick ;em competition. As I mentioned in the blog, considering mjm44's Nov. 26 Fanpost was the inspiration for the whole TNL concept, it seems only fitting that he should take home the cup over the summer so he can show it off to his friends and family and drink weird unknown liquids from within the coveted TNL chalice. Congrats mjm44.

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