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Fantasy Hockey Scouts Premier League - Recap

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Soon the FHSPL will be the biggest premier league in the world.  Soon.
Soon the FHSPL will be the biggest premier league in the world. Soon.

You might remember at the beginning of the season we were looking for some good owners to join our FHSPL. It was the first season so this year everybody was placed randomly into the leagues but going forward the top two finished in each league move up a league and the bottom two will move down.

If you're interested in joining next season send an email to me ( and I'll add you to the mailing list.

If you haven't emailed your commissioner back yet (with your email addy and if you're in or out next year) could you do that ASAP.

Standings after the jump...

Here are the final standings with the new leagues. If anybody drops out we'll just take the next player from the list below. For example is somebody drops out of the Alpha league Cam (goes up a league).

Any questions, let me know.

Finish Team Name Owner Name Reg.
Season Pts
Old League New League
1 Happy Feet Peter N 328 Gamma Alpha
1 CHR's Sauce Monkey's Chris HR 319 Beta Alpha
1 KC Scouts Matthew 318 Delta Alpha
1 AtLeastImHouseBroken Donnie L 311 Alpha Alpha
2 Territorial Pissings Michael B 327 Beta Alpha
2 The Keslurkers Andrew B 296 Gamma Alpha
2 The Bastones Anthony DB 289 Alpha Alpha
2 Two-tailed Lions Jaromir 284 Delta Alpha
3 Jagr's Mullet James N 291 Alpha Alpha
3 Syracuse Bulldogs 289 Gamma Alpha
3 CrosbySeminsOnOvie Gian 273 Delta Alpha
3 @Rabid_Jack Jack C 270 Beta Alpha
4 CamKnowsBest Cam 315 Delta Beta
4 Wile E Coyote Sheldon D 312 Alpha Beta
4 BettmansCapadesOnIce Erik 296 Beta Beta
4 Lady Eagles Kevin 268 Gamma Beta
5 Molson Muscle Nick H. 313 Delta Beta
5 Blundell St. Bullies Luke R 301 Beta Beta
5 Dynamite Hacks Jay M 277 Alpha Beta
5 pucker up 267 Gamma Beta
6 Lester Cousins' Crew Mike P 297 Beta Beta
6 Bucket Muckers Andrew J 277 Alpha Beta
6 Hiller's Killers Rudi M 276 Gamma Beta
6 FHC Fire Wings Coach 273 Delta Beta
7 Fear Boners 262 Beta Gamma
7 Jaromir Jagrbombs Rocky S 260 Gamma Gamma
7 Vikings J G 254 Delta Gamma
7 Prestige Worldwide * 236 Alpha Gamma
8 Postman's Pucks Mattt T 269 Alpha Gamma
8 Beer Cans On Ice James 269 Beta Gamma
8 Rebelzz w/o Applause JC 264 Delta Gamma
8 NorthernBogLemmings 260 Gamma Gamma
9 Top Shelf Tutors Jeff W 263 Alpha Gamma
9 daileys degenerates 247 Gamma Gamma
9 tehbiggustluzer Cody Fn 245 Delta Gamma
9 Corsi is 9/10ths Law Rob L 168 Beta Gamma
10 Puck Fittsburgh Everett C 250 Delta Delta
10 Coffey Curve 232 Gamma Delta
10 I Like Boyes 230 Alpha Delta
10 EveryDayI'mByfuglien 224 Beta Delta
11 Fighting Saints Stephen K 243 Delta Delta
11 maine black bears Paul P 235 Beta Delta
11 The Puckheads Jeff 230 Gamma Delta
11 Kilowatt's Krew Pat 217 Alpha Delta
12 FSC's the Program 215 Gamma Delta
12 Pretty in Phink 200 Beta Delta
12 Stinky Grubs Pedro 196 Alpha Delta
12 Jets Fly Together Sean S 136 Delta Delta