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Playoff Fantasy Stars of the Week(s)

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Kovy's foray into figure skating did not end well.
Kovy's foray into figure skating did not end well.

The top playoff fantasy performances of the last two weeks.

3rd Star, from the Los Angeles Kings, numero 8. Drew Doughty... after a lackluster 36-point regular system, Doughty flipped a switch and now has ten points in 14 playoff games, including 1+3=4, plus-3, six PIM, 16 SOG over the last two weeks (four games). I tend to forget that he's still only 22 years old, and although it may be tough to equal his 59 point sophomore season, there's also no reason why he shouldn't be a perennial 50+ point D-man.

2nd Star, from the New Jersey Devils, numero 30, Martin Brodeur...he was named first star here a couple of weeks ago, and since then the magic has continued with a 4-2 record and 2.00/.927 peripherals to knock out the Rangers in six games. Brodeur stopped 153 of 165 shots in the series and won games five and six despite the Devils being outshot 28-17 and 35-29. If you don't want to see Fat Marty win his fourth cup and first Conn Smythe at 40 years old, you're probably from either Manhattan or LA.

1st Star, from the New Jersey Devils, numero 17, Ilya Kovalchuk... considering that in six games, Kovy spent an astonishing 36:51 on the PP, it's a testament to the talents of Henrik Lundqvist that Kovy scored only six points, with just three of those coming on the PP. But regardless, 2+4=6, four PIM, 23 SOG, and three PPP is more than enough to take home first star honors. Well, that and the fact that he and Parise are about to net me $200 for first place in a playoff pool. Nepotism is a wonderful thing.

Darkhorse Pick: Dustin Penner (LOS). I was going to give this one to Bryce Salvador (1+4=5 in six games), but let's be real - no one actually picked him, right? But if even one reader has Salvador on his playoff pool roster, I will strip Penner of this award and give it to the Bryce-man. In four games to close out the Coyotes, Penner had 1+2=3, 16 PIM and 11 shots, but most importantly, he scored the overtime winner in game five to clinch the series and guarantee a chance for even more production in the finals. Wait - maybe nobody picked Penner either. Hmm...Adam Henrique anyone?

Biggest Breakdown: Marian Gaborik (NYR). Six games and only one measly goal to show for Gabby's19 shots. This despite averaging almost three minutes (17:57 total) on the PP. Gaborik has a career average of .90 points-per-game in the regular season. His playoff average is .65 PPG. He is the living embodiment of the opposite of clutch.