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All 2012/13 Scouting Reports Available!

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Victor Decolongon - Getty Images

We're proud to announce that our 2012/13 Scouting Reports are uploaded and ready for purchase!

Here is what's on the menu:

1. 2012/13 SuperStats - The biggest & baddest projected stats file there shall ever be. A steal for $5.

2. 2012/13 Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR) - The 4th annual FSR is our fantasy season preview, so think team profiles, player projections, top 10 lists, sleeper picks, all that jazz. Purchase the FSR for $8 and, get this, our SuperStats file is included! A veritable bargain at $8.

3. 2012 Fantasy Prospect Rankings (Prospects DB) - Our top 500 prospect rankings in a customizable spreadsheet, perfect for your keeper league prospect draft. Worth the $5 for the time it saves you alone.

We offer all three products as part of a Combo for just $11.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to email us or hit us up with a comment below.



Individually the FSR (with SuperStats) is $8
If you want to add our 2012 Fantasy Prospects DB ($5 value) as well then we'll give you everything for only $11
But if you're not in the combo mood then you can simply get our 2012/13 SuperStats projected stats spreadsheet for only $5



Thanks for your support and good luck!