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Monday's Injury Updates - Carcillo, Gustavsson, Cervenka

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Injury news from Monday morning

Jonathan Daniel

Daniel Carcillo suffered a knee injury on Saturday and while he does not need knee surgery, his knee will need a month to fix itself.

Well that certainly didn't take long... Jonas Gustavsson tweaked his groin in his relief appearance on Saturday night and will likely be out a few games.

Roman Cervenka (blood clot) wasn't able to go yesterday for the Flames opener but he has an doctor's appointment today where he is expected to wait a long time but get good news... typical.

Our scouts at the Calgary airport haven't seen Jiri Hudler return yet from the Czech Republic after the passing of his father, so he'll likely miss tonight's game as well.

Ville Leino sat out yesterday's opener due to a leg injury but he's just day-to-day.

Devan Dubnyk with the start last night for the Oilers as Nikolai Khabibulin is on the IR due to his groin, which is slow to recover after surgery back in April. When is this guy just going to retire already?