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Thursday's Injury Updates - Lupul, Downie, Hartnell...

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The fantasized injury news on Thursday morning


The first few days of the season were all sunshine & balloons, well now reality is about to set in for a lot of us...

Joffrey Lupul fractured his forearm after being hit by a Neon Dion shot last night and will likely be out for an extended period. This should provide more reps for guys like MacArthur, JVR, Kadri & Frattin.

Steve Downie is done for the season with a torn ACL. That's a tough loss as guys who can put up 40+ points & 100+ PIMs (over 82 games) don't grow on trees.

Scott Hartnell is definitely out for tonight and may be out for a while with an injured foot. It may just be bruised or it could be worse, let's wait for the test results... hold your breath here.

Another "Uh-oh" moment here as Mike Smith left last night's game with a reported LBI. We should find out more on the severity today.

For a huge dude Martin Hanzal is pretty fragile as he had to sit out last night's game due to a LBI, he's D2D.

Ian White has a deep cut on his leg and is out 2-3 weeks.

Ray Whitney has a bum foot and can barely walk but he's playing through it.

Brayden Schenn is out for tonight's game due to a one-game suspension.

Returning to action from the injured list last night: Jake Gardiner.