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FHS 2013-14

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An update and some introductions.

Bruce Bennett

Ok, your drafts are (mostly) done and NHL regular season hockey starts TONIGHT after what seemed like an excruciatingly long preseason.

Pretty relaxed schedule for us over the summer, but we hope you enjoyed or found some use for our SuperStats guide, Prospect DB, ESPN and Yahoo! cheat sheets, top 11 lists, breakout picks, sleeper/superhero stories, etc.

A quick FHS update as the season gets underway:

We've actually started using our Twitter account lately, and expect that to continue, as personally I find 140 characters a hell of a lot easier to deal with than writing actual articles. In all seriousness though, the Twitter has become an essential tool for dedicated poolies. Follow us @thescouts.

But we have bigger and better news. As you may or probably don't know, the five existing FHS contributors span the North American continent, and, in fact, the whole damn globe. Cam Collingwood (Calgary AB) and Jay Meyer (Sydney AU) were here first, with Michael Benedicks (Brooklyn NY), Diomedes7 (Washington DC) and I (Steveston BC) hopping on board two or three years ago.

This year, please join us in welcoming three new writers from two cool cities and one other place: Darren Kennedy (Toronto ON), Max Randall (Austin TX) and @Pope604 (Surrey BC).

Yes, Pope, the Surrey jokes are only just beginning.

Darren is a contributor for Dobber Hockey and Blue Chip Prospects. You can follow him on Twitter @TMA_Hockey_blog. A self-proclaimed Jaromir Jagr propagandist, Darren lives and literally dreams fantasy hockey, so we are lucky to have him on board. He can also lift 100 times his own bodyweight and spends his spare time giving fencing lessons to the underprivileged. I know what you're thinking: Chuck Norris. Yeah, no. Chuck Norris is Matt Moulson to Darren Kennedy's John Tavares.

Our next new face is not a new face. Max is better known around these parts as MasterOfPuppets. In terms of sheer output, he's probably contributed more in the FHS comments than any of us "writers" have been able to muster over the last few years. Max's unique viewpoints and articulate disapprobation made him a natural choice when we started talking about bringing in some new blood. Max's brief bio: "I have few compelling interests beyond my girlfriend, who loves hockey and surprisingly me, and hockey. I cook at times, but mostly it's a survival thing". He cooks at times. Remember that.

@Pope604 is a long time friend of FHS, and we've known each other personally for 15 years and competed in literally dozens of pools in that span. A former AAA goalie who received tryouts from teams like the Portland Winterhawks, and owner of the storied Dubai Mighty Camels franchise in the FHS Ultimate Dynasty league, @Pope604 is a man for all seasons - but mostly hockey season.

So there you have it. Our daily update columns are back this season. Diomedes7 is back with his invaluable Free Agents and Trade Targets column. And on the weekends we may break out a few open threads / live blogs, including a new approach we're calling Crowd Scouting, where we'll ask you to do the scouting and post your thoughts and observations on the previous night's games, or anything else that floats your boat.

You've probably got these covered, but here are a few must-have fantasy links for the new season:

Have a great season. Kick ass in your pools. Don't tell them we helped you, we're okay with that.