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Schedule Summary - Nov 25 to Dec 1

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Helping you set your weekly fantasy hockey lineup

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY

This is for all of you that are in leagues with weekly transactions... a little summary if you need some assistance setting your fantasy hockey lineup, adding FAs or discussing trades.

We used to put together a pretty ugly looking sked summary ourselves for the upcoming week but why do the work when somebody has already done it for you? The fine folks over at Left Wing Lock have a nice looking Game Grid for the coming week so please head over there and check it out. While you're there make sure you bookmark their free Today's Starting Goalies page and their free & totally indispensable Line Combos tool.

Week #9 gets hot & heavy highlighted by a full slate of games on Black Friday.  12 teams play four times this week and hands down the tastiest schedule belongs to CHI as they face the teams with the 22nd, 25th, 29th & 30th best defensive records.  We also approve of the 4-game skeds for EDM, NSH & PHI, so make sure you activate!

Good luck this week!