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Weekend CrowdScouting

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Let's shake things up around here on the weekends

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Same intro as last week...

Surely most of you have heard of crowdsourcing, which is defined (by wikipedia) as "the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community".

So I had a thought... why can't we bring this concept to FHS?  Like seriously, we have a great online community, you guys are watching the games just like we are and you guys are just as much experts as any of us.

Whoever is writing up the daily dosage or injury updates can only watch a game or three and then has to rely on other sources, highlights, boxscores & recaps to come up with the content for their post.  So dream with me for a sec... let's say we had multiple people watching every game each night through fantasy goggles and reporting on what they noticed.  That way it would be like we were all watching every game each night!  Powerful stuff, I know.

Alright, so let's try CrowdScouting out.  So do what you do this weekend, watch the games you would normally watch and if you see anything that you think would help out your fellow FHSers, then drop it in the comments or tweet us (@TheScouts or #Crowdscouting).  Here's just a few examples of things you should let everyone know about:

  • Goalies that look shaky
  • Interesting line combos & PP units
  • Who is getting all the TOI?
  • Somebody who looks hurt
  • Players creating scoring chances, hitting posts or near misses

Hell, a live blog may even break out if the joint is jumping... you just never know.

I'll kick things off with a few items from last night:

Scott Gomez, no he hasn't retired, is playing on Florida's "top" line with Huberdeau & Versteeg. Gomez had an assist last night and now has 1+2=3 through the first five games.  He's only averaging 13:24/gm in ice time and he's pretty invisible in most categories, so I wouldn't get too excited about this yet.

The best line for the Panthers is Aleksander Barkov with Fleischmann & Boyes as they combined for four goals and 10 points against the Penguins last night.  Boyes now has goals in three straight games and Barkov is up to 2+3=5 in his first five games. Beauty one here...

Rich Peverley made his season debut for the Stars last night on a line with Seguin & Benn.  The trio combined for 3+5=8 (although Peverley only had one A), so I imagine Lindy Ruff will be sticking with them for a bit.  I like Pevs this year, think he was really unlucky and underutilized last year.

Thanks Dave, interesting... the notable omission from those lines is David Desharnais as he's been bumped down to L3 with Bourque & Prust. I guess no points and just three shots in his first four games wasn't enough?  wtf?

The Flyers forward depth takes a hit with Vinny & Hartnell out...

An intriguing blueline prospect, Nate Schmidt, is up with the Caps as pre-season sensation Connor Carrick heads down.

Brandon Pirri, last season's AHL leading scorer is up with the Hawks, so we'll keep an eye on his ice-time.

Cedrick Desjardins, a favourite of some around these parts, is up with the Bolts but likely not for long as Bishop's injury is beyond minor.

I leave you with a Dobter's note...

Still with this? really?

Alright, do your worst in the comments...