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Weekend CrowdScouting

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This is where Us meets You and equals something less than terrible

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Regular intro...

Surely most of you have heard of crowdsourcing, which is defined (by wikipedia) as "the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community".

So I had a thought... why can't we bring this concept to FHS?  Like seriously, we have a great online community, you guys are watching the games just like we are and you guys are just as much experts as any of us.

Whoever is writing up the daily dosage or injury updates can only watch a game or three and then has to rely on other sources, highlights, boxscores & recaps to come up with the content for their post.  So dream with me for a sec... let's say we had multiple people watching every game each night through fantasy goggles and reporting on what they noticed.  That way it would be like we were all watching every game each night!  Powerful stuff, I know.

Alright, so let's try CrowdScouting out.  So do what you do this weekend, watch the games you would normally watch and if you see anything that you think would help out your fellow FHSers, then drop it in the comments or tweet us (@TheScouts or #Crowdscouting).  Here's just a few examples of things you should let everyone know about:

  • Goalies that look shaky
  • Interesting line combos & PP units
  • Who is getting all the TOI?
  • Somebody who looks hurt
  • Players creating scoring chances, hitting posts or near misses

Hell, a live blog may even break out if the joint is jumping... you just never know.

I'll kick things off with a few items from last night:

Alexander Steen with another pair to give him seven goals on the season and a share of the league lead with Hertl. Middle-class production has never been an issue for him but staying healthy is.  Enjoy it while it lasts as he will cool off and/or be on the IR soon.

Nice evening for David Backes with 1+1=2, six shots, four hits & 12-of-17 draws.

Jaden Schwartz with a season high 1:13 on the PP last night, bringing up his average to just 18 seconds... that's not good for business.

Who has been watching the Jets a lot this season and can comment on Mark Scheifele?  Are the conclusions from the WJC that he just falls down too much still true?  Btw, no goals, seven shots & can't win a draw in his last six games.

Olli Jokinen's ice-time has been axed, averaging just 12 mpg (0:24 on the PP) this year... that'd drop-worthy.

I'll begrudgingly give a golfclap to Martin Hanzal for his strong start as jsuites points out...

A goal & 22 FOWs for Antoine Vermette and of course I'm going up against him this week.

I'm a fan of Nick Bonino and was hoping for a breakout this year.  He has two goals & 12 shots in his last three games but I think he needs better linemates as Etem & Palmieri may not be giving him enough support.

More Arcobellove...

Denis Grebeshkov is back up with Edmonton after a conditioning stint and the Ducks put out the call for Frederik Andersen but he's likely not around long.

Sunday update: Gotta add video evidence of this sweet GWG by Seth Jones last night... so good.

Alright, what say you?