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Fantasy Hockey News for Thrsday - The Hump Day Games or Captain My Captain Edition

My slightly warped Fantasy Hockey take on what went down in the NHL last night

Jen Fuller

So the schedule had a game in Detroit last night.. only one team showed up for the contest. If you roster Red Wings skaters you generally received zero's and minuses.
If you have either of the goalies well it's not good either.
Enough of the Wings it's too depressing.

Ottawa Senators @ Detroit Red Wings
Ottawa's new Captain Jason Spezza lead the Senators with a pair of goals his 6th and 7th on the season one a PPG and the eventual game winner. Erik Karlsson and Marc Methot picked up assists on his second but if you ask me i think he ought to get an assist as well as this goal.

After a bit of a slow start (1G + 1A in his first four games) Spezza has scored 6 goals added 2 assists in his last four. I've seen a lot of worry about his tendency to be injured but when he is able to play he is a top Center in the league, I think you have to take your chances that he remains healthy, a center that shoots the puck and can score in this league is an asset for a fantasy team.

The other two goal scorer Bobby Ryan. Potting numbers 5PPG and 6 for his new team. He's at 9 points through 9 games (6G + 3A)
I'm not a Ryan fan, he is supremely talented has the tools and the size to be a top player in the league. Not merely a top 50 player but top 5 or 10, he just doesn't show up consistently. I don't know if his change of venue from Anaheim to Ottawa changes this, I doubt it without Daniel Alfredsson there, I think he takes his 30 plus goals per season to the bank, but I'm not convinced he is the player to get you that line you need every single week from one of your top picks. At 26 years of age he is at that stage where he should peak, get paid, then becomes a gradual yet constant source of disappointment. Several other players in this mold come to mind, but I think I've mentioned Heatley too much in this blog already.

Erik Karlsson had a pair of assists, his shots are down this season as is his shooting %, I wouldn't worry yet as he is still skating well and has the vision he has always had, think it's just a bit of rust left.

Mika Zibanejad was recalled at last, and picked up an assist as did the rest of the Ottawa team.

Message received.
They don't miss Capt. Alfie.

Boston Bruins @ Buffalo Sabres

This matchup was a bit closer while i was viewing the Wings/Sens game, I was monitoring the score.
Milan Lucic got it started with the first to goals of the game, neither of which I saw but we are going with him for stat line of the night just because he was the only 3 point player on the evening. I didn't see the first half of this game but i noticed the entire Boston team was only credited with 4 hits on the evening, Lucic got one of them. I find this somewhat amazing as he usually collects a couple hits just walking up the ramp from the locker room. In all the line was 2+1=3 with 4 SOG and 1 Hit, the Assist coming on a powerplay contributing to...

Torey Krug also had a 2 goal night the fourth event of it's kind on the evening, thats something on a night when only 4 teams are skating.
I have to admit I have been skeptical of this Krug guy. I thought he was a product of Boston's media and was highly overrated. The truth is I never really noticed him before last night. He seems to have terrific instincts and is cat quick. I did catch both of his goals, one in close on a 4 on 4 where he just was in the right place at the right time and finished. The second on the powerplay where he jumped into the play and sniped a wrist shot right under Ryan Miller's glove. I am not very good at evaluating the offensive defenseman i think there are just too many variables involved. But i do know something about offensive instincts and he does have that.

Dougie Hamilton scored the game winner on a play set up by Brad Marchand

Carl Soderberg had a pair of assists and has 3 in the two games he's played since coming off the injured list. He could be a nice pick up if he's hanging out on the wire. He plays a physical game so could contribute a bit across the board.

David Krejci with 2 assists is doing what he does, too streaky for my taste but is effective as a middle round point producer.

Jarome Iginla assisted on both of Lucic goals, Iggy is still goalless on the season.

For Buffalo I didn't notice anyone other than Marcus Foligno he was around the net a lot and picked up a pair of assists.