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Hey guys. Was hoping to get a bit of feedback on my lineup... Wondering, should I stick with what I have for the time being, or do I look to make trade? My team is doing fine, and I think will be doing much better now that J. Neal and Letang are back playing. I feel like I'll be fighting it out for top spot by the end as my lineup stands. But I hate not being able to make moves ( free agent acquisitions) and that's the dilemma I find myself in now. I'll give my lineup and my situation should be clear:

S : G A +- ppp sog hits blocked shots. G: Wins Goals against average Save Percentage. One year 12 team H2H league.

C Getzlaf

C M. Hanzal

LW E. Kane

LW Couture

RW Pavelski

RW J. Neal

F Zuccarello

F M. Koivu

D Letang

D Weber

D Phaneuf

D Green

Bench: Wheeler, Gudas, E. Stall

Goalis: Halak, Lehtonen, S. Mason, V. Fasth ( IR - not yet activated)

Good team. Solid goaltending. Not much on the wire other than Penner, Grossman, and a couple others, but that always changes. But with V. Fasth on my IR , I'd have to drop two players in order to pick one up. I'm of two minds : Make a move and trade a goalie and maybe another roster player, for an upgrade at another position and give myself some flexibility. Or stick and see how things unfold with my goalie situation, which is probably my weakest. One last point, I really like the Flyers and Mason's schedule for the foreseeable future and will be playing he and Halak for the next couple weeks at least, if no moves are made... So, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks for any help!

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