Fantasy Hockey Newbie Help

While I am not new to fantasy, I ended up getting sucked into an ongoing dynasty league this year. I have always liked watching Hockey but was never good with the stats and knowing all the players, so I figured fantasy would help. I inherited someone elses Dyanasty team and am currently in dead last, and need some help. The league is an 8 team Season Points - scoring. Deep rosters, and I have almost nothing at Goalie. Currently sitting on Lehner, Talbot, Peters, Reimer, Budaj, and Nabokov. I keep looking to trade for a top tier goalie, but it seems no one will give one up if I dont include Ovechkin in the deal. Can anyone offer advice on trade value of various positions? Im having a hard time relating goalie worth to attacking players worth, and I don't know how far off the trades are. Example Trade that Im sitting on: Give up Ovechkin/Letang to get Niemi/D. Keith

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