A couple of moves to help?

My team consists of Ovi, Giroux, E Kane, B Richards, J Thorton, Parise, Eriksson, Dubinksy, Hanzal, Doan, Simmonds, Ladd, Subban, Phaneuf, OEL, Carlson, Price, Pavelec, and Fasth, and Gaborik on IR. I’m first place in the 10 man league so I’m weary to mess with my lineup too much but I have 1 too many players when Gaborik comes back and there are a few guys on the waivers who I'm thinking of picking up. There's Downie, and Pacioretty, and P Bergeron. Also Wondering if I should take Bryzgalov over Fasth. Any ideas on what I can do? If it's worth it to drop someone or Bryz vs Fasth? OR package someone in a trade for a better D?

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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