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2 Minutes for Tweeting

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A look at the best NHL hockey related tweets from the past week

Bruce Bennett

For those of you familiar with my Daily Dosage, you already know about my 2 Minutes for Tweeting segment that I add to the end of each dosage. This is where I collect twitter tweets from around the NHL for the past week that either contain useful information from a fantasy perspective, or simply provide the lighter side of things to help you get through your hump day. It was suggested I move this to its own article so starting today and going forward, that is exactly what I will be doing.

Don't worry if you missed previous segments as I have included a link to all of my previous 2 Minutes for Tweeting postings to the end of this page.

Enjoy this week's edition of....

2 Minutes for Tweeting

Aucoin_medium Biz_medium Bozak_medium Cherry_medium Coburn_medium Columbus_medium Commie_medium Doughnut_medium Drouin_medium Green_medium Gsp_medium Harding_medium Hejduk_medium Howard_medium Klefbom_medium Lack_medium Lehtonen_medium Oilers_medium Phoenix_medium Refs_medium Skatesharpener_medium Stamkos_medium Suter_medium Thomas_medium Tirepump_medium Varly_medium Whitney_medium Blowncalls_medium

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