Going for it : Dealing Lehtonen

Should I? Given I have a contending team already, is it a wise play? I feel one more big move could very well separate me from the pack, and from one team in particular which makes it very tempting. I'd be targeting either Perry, or Malkin from a team currently running with Mike Smith and Giguere/ Elliot with Rinne on his IR. Here's my current lineup and league settings:

S: Goals, Assists, Power play points, +-, SOG, Hits, Blocked shots G: Wins GAA Sv % ( 3 game min. games played)

One year 12 team H2H

C Getzlaf

C Hanzal (DTD)

LW Couture

LW E. Kane

RW Neal

RW Pavelski

F M. Koivu

F Perron

D Weber

D Letang

D Phaneuf

D Gudas

Bench: Wheeler, E. Stall, M. Green, Petry ( for this week)

Goalies J. Halak, S. Mason, Lehtonen

So, I'd be looking to move some combination of Stall / Green / Wheeler and Lehtonen for either Perry / Malkin and Elliot. Torey Krug, if Green is involved, would be a possibility coming back my way. I'm having more and more faith in Mason / the Flyers, but in particular I have faith in the general crappiness of the Metro. Division and the East in particular. And Halak should continue to be a solid option. The west is just so tough and Lehtonen is due for a regression, though I think he'll continue to be a decent play. My feeling here is to sell. Take my chances with my other goalies. And go for it... So, what do you guys think? Is this move wise at this point, or necessary given the strength of my team as is? And what, most importantly, would you be willing to move if you were me? Thanks so much guys. Always appreciate the advice.

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