What's going on with Toby Enstrom?

For real, though?

I haven't been watching any Winnipeg games (though the Jets could take the cup and my heart would be happiest), but all I see from his stats is, well, nothing. He was +3 last night, but no shots, no hits, nothing. He is ranked up in the 300s in my league right now for the season, but I think that is only because of his 14 PIMs, which seems unusual for him, even. He is ranked in the 500s for the last two weeks. He did this to me last year as well, but I saw his name come up in the draft and I was lacking defence, so I took the leap of faith again. I was happy with how he started the season; good numbers in just a few games, but all that has disappeared. He now has 28 shots on the season while a player like Gudas (!) has 35...

Any Jets fans know what's up with him? Is he really worth owning anymore?

Not the most options for D out in my league's waivers right now (12 person league), but a hot fourth goalie to keep on hand (right now I have Harding DTD, Miller, Brodeur), or a floating spot to use in cats that I need daily boosts in would probably help me out.

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