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Week 5 - Free Agents and Trade Targets

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Here are the guys you need to target so you can dominate your league.


With Diomedes7 away I've been asked to fill his mighty shoes.  Normally, I wouldn't mess with a good thing but I'm going to change things up a bit.  Instead of looking at things by position as Dio has been doing, I'll sort by ownership %'s (from Yahoo!) to make it a bit easier to find guys that might be available in your leauges.  Also, no fancy team logos like Dio  uses, ain't nobody got time for that.

I hope some of these recommendations help you to dominate in your league this week.

If you think I missed any good targets help your fellow FHSers out and add it in the comments.


Alex Killorn TB - C,LW : 11% owned, 4+8=12, 6 PIM, 30 SOG, 12 HITS, 4 BLKS
He had a tidy 19 points in 38 games last year but he's taking it to a new level this year.  He's recently been moved up to L1 with St. Louis and Stamkos and has five points in those two games.  Grab this guy quick

TRADE TARGETS  and SHALLOW LEAGUE FREE AGENTS (owned in >60% of Yahoo! leagues)

Chris Kunitz Pit - LW : 97% owned, 8+7=15, 12 PIM, 52 SOG, 33 HITS, 5 BLKS
We all know he's a stud but I'm arguing he should be treated like one of the top 10 players in the league.  Prorate last year and this year's stats to 82 games you get 38+49=87, +54, 175 Hits(!), 28 PPP and 213 shots.

David Backes StL - C,RW : 90% owned, 6+8=14, 30 PIM, 25 SOG, 32 HITS, 11 BLKS
Looking good on L1 with new found superstar Alexander Steen.  He's on the best ppg pace of his career by a long ways.

Ryan Kesler Van - C : 88% owned, 8+4=12, 11 PIM, 61 SOG, 12 HITS, 11 BLKS
No longer the #2 center in Vancouver instead he's playing with the Sedin's on L1.  One point in first six games, nine in last seven.

Cody Franson Tor - D : 88% owned, 0+9=9, 6 PIM, 21 SOG, 44 HITS, 26 BLKS
Only three d-man have more hits than Franson and they don't have the point potential he does.

Nazem Kadri Tor - C : 83% owned, 5+8=13, 14 PIM, 24 SOG, 22 HITS, 7 BLKS
With Tyler Bozak out ,Kadri is getting a prime chance on L1.  Five points in last four games

Semyon Varlamov Col - G : 81% owned, 8 wins, 1.78 gaa and .944 sv%
Recent league troubles aside, he's been lights out this year and should be owned before of a lot of the goalies ahead of him on the list.

Ryan Miller Buf - G - 73% owned, 1 win, 3.03 gaa and .919 sv%
A trade is coming eventually and Miller's value goes way up when it does

Max Pacioretty Mon - LW : 72% owned, 2+1=3, 4 PIM, 22 SOG, 6 HITS, 5 BLKS
He's back from injury and although he's not on an ideal line (David Desharnais & Rene Bourque) he's a multi cat stud who can't be ignored

Derek Stepan NYR - C : 68% owned, 3+7=10, 2 PIM, 34 SOG, 10 HITS, 9 BLKS
Finally putting a few good games together... five points with a hat trick in last three games.  Don't forget he went 44 points in 48 games last year.

Kyle Okposo NYI - RW : 65% owned, 4+12=16, 14 PIM, 33 SOG, 15 HITS, 4 BLKS
He's only hit 50 points once in his career but playing with Tavares and Vanek should guarantee him at least that.  He's on pace for 94 points currently.

Kyle Turris Ott - C : 60% owned, 2+10=12, 8 PIM, 40 SOG, 8 HITS, 8 BLKS
Another guy who looks like he's in the middle of a breakout season.  Nearly a point a game player right now.

MEDIUM DEPTH LEAGUES FREE AGENTS (25-60% owned in Yahoo! leagues)

Radim Vrbata Pho - RW : 56% owned, 5+7=12, 8 PIM, 58 SOG, 13 HITS, 5 BLKS
This guy has always been underrated but when you look at what he did last year (67 point pace) and this year (70 point pace) he should be getting everybody's attention very soon.

Kevin Bieksa Van - D : 55% owned, 0+6=6, 12 PIM, 32 SOG, 30 HITS, 27 BLKS
Not many d-men bring hits, PIM's, blocks and a healthy amount of points.  Remember he's only two seasons removed from a 44 point campaign.

Scott Hartnell Phi - LW : 41% owned, 0+0=0, 2 PIM, 20 SOG, 14 HITS, 0 BLKS
More of a speculative pick here as he hasn't done much this year and just returned from injury but the potential for a 60 point pace with loads of PIM's and hits is there.

Sean Monahan Cgy - C : 29% owned, 7+4=11, 0 PIM, 32 SOG, 7 HITS, 5 BLKS
Everybody's favourite rookie is in Calgary to stay and while I would be surprised if he could keep this pace up his ownership numbers should be higher.

Radko Gudas TB - D : 28% owned, 1+4=5, 55 PIM, 16 SOG, 50 HITS, 34 BLKS
Leads all d-men in hits, good blocks and PIM's... he's even chipped in a few points so far too. 

Martin Hanzal Pho - C : 27% owned, 5+6=11, 21 PIM, 34 SOG, 44 HITS, 7 BLKS
He brings the hits but he's never topped 35 points.  This year things are looking different as Hanzal is finding success centering L1 with Doan and Vrbata.  Maybe this is the year he hits the fantasy radar?

Carter Hutton Nsh - G : 22% owned, 3 wins, 2.76 gaa and .914 sv%
It's been a mixed bag so far with Hutton but with Rinnie out for a few weeks at least you'll get a starting goalie on the cheap

SHALLOW LEAGUES FREE AGENTS (<25% owned in Yahoo! Leagues)

Derek Morris Pho - D : 13% owned, 4+6=10, 4 PIM, 18 SOG, 28 HITS, 15 BLKS
Kinda out of the blue (he only had 11 points all last year) but when the cost is zero, you might as well grab him and hope he stay hot.

Alex Killorn TB - C,LW : 11% owned, 4+8=12, 6 PIM, 30 SOG, 12 HITS, 4 BLKS
See Above

Cam Atkinson Cls - RW : 11% owned, 3+2=5, 2 PIM, 46 SOG, 5 HITS, 5 BLKS
He's not going crazy in the point department but he's playing on the top line, getting lots of key minutes and is shooting the puck a ton.  The points will come eventually.

Robin Lehner Ott - G : 11% owned, 0 wins, 2.77 gaa and .937 sv%
With the oft-injured Anderson ahead of him on the depth charts, Lehner makes a great buy low option if you've got a free spot on your bench.

Nikolai Kulemin Tor - LW,RW : 9% owned, 0+2=2, 2 PIM, 0 SOG, 7 HITS, 4 BLKS
First game back from injury and he lined up with Joffrey Lupul & Jay McClement... so some good and bad news there.

Chris Higgins Van - LW : 8% owned, 5+3=8, 8 PIM, 53 SOG, 23 HITS, 9 BLKS
I am not a Higgins fan but I can't ignore the fact he's getting 2nd line minutes and shooting the puck in bunches.  He's 15th in the league in SOG and every other player above him except one (Vrbata) is owned in 88% or more of Yahoo! leagues.

Ryan Johansen Cls - C,RW : 8% owned, 4+4=8, 8 PIM, 31 SOG, 25 HITS, 5 BLKS
Centering the 2nd line may help him live up to his draft hype finally.  He should beat last year's totals by December.

Mike Santorelli Van - C : 8% owned, 4+6=10, 6 PIM, 31 SOG, 8 HITS, 14 BLKS
He had 41 points a few years ago so his current success isn't totally out of left field.  Grab him and hope this continues.

Jhonas Enroth Buf - G : 6% owned, 1 win, 2.99 gaa and .907 sv%
If Miller gets traded Enroth is the #1.  Yeah it's only the Sabres but minutes are important in some leagues.

Jason Chimera Was - LW : 5% owned, 5+6=11, 8 PIM, 21 SOG, 25 HITS, 3 BLKS
I don't think his hot start will continue but if you're in a league that counts hits I'd grab him and hope he's found some chemistry with Joel Ward and Mikhail Grabovski.

Chris Kreider NYR - C,LW : 4% owned, 2+4=6, 2 PIM, 17 SOG, 18 HITS, 2 BLKS
Five points in last three games... Derek Stepan has been center, so there is some potential here for the formerly hype Kreider.

Andrew MacDonald NYI - D : 4% owned, 1+3=4, 10 PIM, 16 SOG, 11 HITS, 52 BLKS
Only including this guy as he is first in the league in blocks currently.  If you need some help there, he's a good guy to grab as he'll also chuck in 20 or so points.

Dmitry Kulikov Fla - D : 3% owned, 1+1=2, 27 PIM, 17 SOG, 21 HITS, 16 BLKS
I know he's started out slow but this guy has 30+ point potential.  More than 3% of the league should be using him.  He's also on the trade block apparently, so his value could change quickly.

Todd Bertuzzi Det - LW,RW : 3% owned, 4+3=7, 10 PIM, 31 SOG, 19 HITS, 1 BLKS
The old fella is playing with Zetterberg and Datsyuk right now.  That's enough for me to take a flyer.

Tuomo Ruutu Car - C,LW : 2% owned, 0+2=2, 12 PIM, 12 SOG, 19 HITS, 7 BLKS
He's got a job on the 2nd line, gets lot of hits and is three years removed from a 57 point campaign.  Injuries are always a risk with him but when the next one comes just drop him.

Erik Cole Dal - RW : 2% owned, 1+4=5, 4 PIM, 20 SOG, 12 HITS, 5 BLKS
He's not playing a ton (13-15 minutes per game) but he is playing with Benn and Seguin.  If you're in a deep league there are worst risks to take than him.

Andre Benoit Col - D : 2% owned, 0+5=5, 0 PIM, 18 SOG, 5 HITS, 17 BLKS
He played at a 25 point pace last year and is the QB on one of the better teams in the league.  How is he only owned in 5% of leagues?  Note: He's not going to help you much in hits or blocks.

The 1% Special (<1% owned in Yahoo! Leagues)

Paul Ranger Tor - D : 1% owned, 1+3=4, 16 PIM, 17 SOG, 37 HITS, 16 BLKS
Before all of his personal troubles he was a 30 point d-man.  Add in his hits and blocks and he can help a lot of leagues out there.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard NYI - RW : 1% owned, 2+4=6, 4 PIM, 18 SOG, 2 HITS, 2 BLKS
This guy isn't going to help you in all categories but he should get 40-50 points playing on New York's 2nd line.