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So there are a lot of top lines that have two superstars and a third that offers them support. The thing is that these thirds are often switched around to find the best fit at the moment, as productivity of the two are arguably the most important. An example of this is the Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, XXX line (right now being perfected by Dustin Penner who had 4 points last night), as well as Steven Stamkos, Martin St. Louis, XXX (right now being held down by Alex Killorn). I took a chance on Pat Maroon while he was in the Ducks' top slot but he didn't pay off. Now, since I can make a add/drop happen, I'm wondering who you think is going to be most productive out of those two players available in my league.

DUSTIN PENNER or ALEX KILLORN for right now in a 12 man H2H league with points, PIMs, and Hits.

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