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NHL GameCenter Live: Review

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A review of the NHL's GameCenter Live streaming video service

Jim McIsaac

I believe I was supposed to do this weeks ago but, hey, life happens... so deal with it. The NHL has, once again, provided the SB Nation hockey sites with a complimentary subscription to their NHL GameCenter Live service and as a way to say thanks I've decided to discuss some of the cool GCL features and a few of its limitations.

CAN DO: Watch live streaming games, replays of archived games or, my favourite, the 10-minute "Condensed" version of games on demand.

CAN'T DO: Show you all the awesome Canadian commercials that you're missing...

CAN DO: Full DVR controls including pause, rewind and slo-motion replays.

CAN'T DO: Make Colton Orr look any slower than he actually is.

CAN DO: Watch games on any CPU or my phone no matter where I am in the world.

CAN'T DO: Convince my employer to upgrade from Internet Explorer 7 so I can view my own website in the office.

CAN DO: Select whether you'd rather listen to the home or away announcers.

CAN'T DO: Replace Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson with the vastly superior Bob Cole & Harry Neale.

CAN DO: Mute Pierre McGuire.

CAN'T DO: Erase this moment from my memory...

CAN DO: Using the NHL Vault Classic Games feature you can watch Leafs games (or other teams I suppose) going back to the 1960's.

CAN'T DO: For some reason the Vault contains no Leafs games from the 1980's... must be a glitch.

CAN DO: Watch a number of games from the Leafs magical 1993 playoff run.

CAN'T DO: Prevent me from entering into an uncontrollable fit of rage every single time I see this...

So overall, I'd say the Cans outweigh the Can'ts so you should all think about getting GCL for yourself.