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2013 Community Fantasy Draft Rankings: 5th Pick

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The draft looks to be a tight one this year so let's work together here to come up with the top 10 draft prospects from a fantasy perspective

Bruce Bennett

We're working on our 2013 Fantasy Draft Rankings as part of our Fantasy Prospects DB and it's challenging as this year's draft class is pretty stacked. So we thought we'd reach out to the FHS community for a little assistance. Here is how it shall roll: I'll lay out some profiles of the viable draft eligible candidates and you vote for who the best fantasy prospect is among that group. Then rinse and repeat. After a series of posts like that we should magically have ourselves a tidy little top 10 list.

The criteria here is that we're looking for the best fantasy prospect, so not the best player but who we believe will be the best player from a fantasy perspective over the long-term (next 10 years) amongst those eligible for the 2013 NHL draft. So essentially you should be voting for who you would pick in a fantasy prospect draft, all factors taken into consideration.

So far no real upsets as we like Barkov at #4:
Aleksander Barkov - 52%
Valeri Nichushkin - 29%
Elias Lindholm - 11%
Write-In Vote - ??? - 5%
Sean Monahan - 0%
Hunter Shinkaruk - 0%

So with the 4th pick in any fantasy prospect draft, Gary Bettman would like to announce that we have selected Aleksander Barkov.

Here is who is off the board:

#1 Nathan MacKinnon (64% of the vote)
#2 Jonathan Drouin (69% of the vote)
#3 Seth Jones (50% of the vote)
#4 Aleksander Barkov (52% of the vote)

Here are your candidates for the 5th pick:

Valeri Nichushkin, RW, Chelyabinsk (KHL)

Central Scouting: #2 (Euro Skaters)
ISS: #4
Bob McKenzie: #10 (mid-term)

NHLE: 20.0

Required Reading:

Visuals: Valeri Nichushkin 2013 WJC Highlights

FHS Scout Says: Here is where the serious questions start as Val shows a lot of potential but the production leaves me wanting more. I think there is bust potential here as he could be more flash than finish.


Sean Monahan, C, Ottawa (OHL)

Central Scouting: #5 (NA Skaters)
ISS: #9
Bob McKenzie: #6 (mid-term)

NHLE: 33.1

Required Reading:

Visuals: Sean Monahan Highlights

FHS Scout Says: Has a lot of intangibles that NHL scouts love like great hockey sense, defensive conscience, strong on draws, etc. but that's not necessarily a great calling card for his fantasy potential. His numbers this year were very solid, especially given that Ottawa was a crap team, as Monahan was in on 44% of Ottawa's goals... lofty! But a little extrapolating is going to have to be done to determine what he will do when surrounded by more talent.


Elias Lindholm, C, Brynas (SEL)

Central Scouting: #3 (Euro Skaters)
ISS: #7
Bob McKenzie: #5 (mid-term)

NHLE: 36.9

Required Reading:

Visuals: Elias Lindholm 2013 WJC Highlights

FHS Scout Says: There is a lot to like here as Lindholm played regularly (16 mpg) in the SEL as an 18-year-old and had numbers that would make Mika Zibanejad jealous. His career path is similar to Nicklas Backstrom with Lindholm putting up slightly better numbers the past two years... and we all know how that turned out! So I think we have an underrated offensive talent here that is getting lost in the hype surrounding The Big Three.


Hunter Shinkaruk, C, Medicine Hat (WHL)

Central Scouting: #6 (NA Skaters)
ISS: #13
Bob McKenzie: #8 (mid-term)

NHLE: 31.4

Required Reading:

Visuals: Hunter Shinkaruk Highlights

FHS Scout Says: He's on the smallish side (5'10" & 181) but has put up big numbers the past two WHL seasons including 49 goals in 2011/12 when he formed a dynamic duo with Emerson Etem. I like the skills, shiftiness & tenacity and think he could be one of the most productive scorers in this class.


Ryan Pulock, D, Brandon (WHL)

Central Scouting: #12 (NA Skaters)
ISS: #14
Bob McKenzie: #15 (mid-term)

NHLE: 18.1

Required Reading:

Visuals: Ryan Pulock 2011-12 WHL Highlights

FHS Scout Says: His numbers dipped in this third WHL season but Brandon was scoring over a goal per game less this season than last so I don't think you can punish him for that too much. Pulock was a forward up until his Jr. days and has a shot like the hammer of the gods that will make him an effective weapon on an NHL PP.


Alright, so there you have your five options. Who would you take 5th overall in a fantasy prospect draft? Do your homework, come to your own conclusions and make your vote count. We want to hear some different opinions here, so please flood the comment section with your thoughts and if you like someone else in this slot then choose the Write-In Vote and make your case in the comments.

We'll move on to the 6th pick on Wednesday.