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TRADED: Bernier to TOR and Scrivens, Frattin, and a 2nd to LA

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The LA Kings trade G, Jonathan Bernier to the Toronto Maple Leafs for G, Ben Scrivens, RW, Matt Frattin, and a 2nd round pick in 2014 or 2015

Jonathan Bernier - A Shot at Being a #1
Jonathan Bernier - A Shot at Being a #1
Victor Decolongon

The LA Kings trade G, Jonathan Bernier to the Toronto Maple Leafs for G, Ben Scrivens, RW, Matt Frattin, and a 2nd round pick in 2014 or 2015.

ADVANTAGE: Toronto. The Leafs get a highly-regarded potential #1 goaltender in exchange for a clear back-up tender, a pick, and a 3rd line winger. LA does gain cap space as both Frattin and Scrivens are signed to cap-friendly contracts for this season while Bernier, a RFA, will be looking for a substantial salary increase.

From a fantasy perspective, this is how I see things shaking out:

Players that benefit:

1. BERNIER + + + + +
Bernier will be given the opportunity to be the #1 in Toronto.
The 24 year old was the 11th overall pick in the 2006 draft and has long been considered one of the best Gs not currently with his own starting role. He has spot started 54 games in the NHL since 2007, all for LA, with a 29-26 record (20 losses and 6 OTLs) with a 2.36 GAA and .913 Save%.

I'm not a huge fan, but he did show more towards the end of the season. With Frattin moving out, someone will be given additional opportunities and Colbourne (a RFA) appears to be well-positioned.

Players that lose value:

1. SCRIVENS - - - - -
Jonathan Quick is more formidable competition than Reimer. Actually, it is fair to say that there will be no competition. Scrivens is now CLEARLY the backup. No surprise there. To me, Scrivens never had the potential to be a true #1, so role clarification may help him as much as it helps fantasy leaguers. Look for him to start about 10 games next season and adjust accordingly.

2. REIMER - - -
Similarly, Bernier is much more formidable competition than Scrivens.
Plus, he's Nonis's guy whereas Reimer is hold over from the reign of Burke.
Reimer is a capable G himself and posted borderline Top 10 #s last season, so don't count him out. Just that things got more problematic for him than they were prior to the trade. Of course, he could get moved himself as the goalie go-round is just getting cranked up now.

3. FRATTIN - -
LA has five established forwards in their Top 6: DBrown, JWilliams, Kopitar, MRichards, JCarter with one spot open to competition. Frattin, in 82 career NHL games, has only 28 points. He does have good speed, as well as a knack for playing well when first given the chance, but he tends to fade after that, has had some injury issues (knee, ankle), and has a limited ceiling. LA probably likes him as much for his cap hit: $925k and the fact that he will be a RFA next season as anything else.