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2013 Fantasy Draft Rankings: Community vs FHS

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Let's see where you clowns messed up we differ...


So I finally got around to putting fingers to keys earlier today and released our top 10 fantasy prospects from the 2013 draft class. It's a decent list I suppose, shouldn't be any worse than any of the others out there. But what are you expected to do, just blindly follow my advice without getting a second opinion? Lucky for you leading up to the draft we engaged the FHS readers in a little project where they ranked each member of the top 10 in a dubiously democratic process we called the Community Fantasy Draft Rankings. So let's do a little side-by-side comp:

FHS Community
MacKinnon 1 MacKinnon
Drouin 2 Drouin
Barkov 3 Jones
Jones 4 Barkov
Lindholm 5 Lindholm
Monahan 6 Nichushkin
Shinkaruk 7 Monahan
Mantha 8 Shinkaruk
Pulock 9 Domi
Nichushkin 10 Rychel

Not half bad people, I think you're learning. The only real discrepancies being where we had Nichushkin ranked and I'd take Mantha & Pulock over your Domi & Rychel. Let's discuss amongst ourselves:

  • You guys had Valeri Nichushkin all the way up at #6 whereas it was questionable if he should even be in my top 10. I will acknowledge that the community voting was done prior to the draft and at that time there was talk that Val could go as high as #3 to Tampa, which may have swayed some people. For me there is too much risk involved with Nichushkin that I'd hold off on him until #10 which likely means someone else jumps in and grabs him, so they take on that stress instead of me. It's a philosophical thing, I'm just adverse to taking a large risk on a player like this with a high pick. That and his MHL numbers in his draft-1 season were just downright dreadful.

  • The Community liked Max Domi at #9 whereas I have him ranked #12. I'm not sold on this guy, especially with him going to the Coyotes. Again, the community voting was done prior to the draft, if that means anything. But maybe you guys are on to something as it sounds like he has a chance to win a major role right off the hop. Not sure what it is, I guess the size & skating bother me and then I'm not sure if he was really driving the production bus in London.
  • I went with Ryan Pulock over Domi and I think the dmen is being underrated here, as they often are by fantasy GMs. It's true that dmen are riskier than forwards but Pulock has three years of great numbers in Jr. under his belt so we know he's legit. Other reasons to like him... he contributed on 28% of Brandon's goals this year, which puts him in good company for Jr. dmen, and, maybe the biggest factor, I'm in love with his shot cause the puck is sore after he shoots it.
  • Kerby Rychel was your choice by one vote over Anthony Mantha at the #10 spot whereas I had Mantha at #8 and Rychel at #11... so we're not totally at loggerheads here. I like Rychel and he may have more all-round fantasy potential than Mantha as a traditional power forward but I prefer Mantha in the top 10 as he outscored Rychel at evens (.93 to .74 ppg) (granted Val d'Or scored about a goal per game more than Windsor). Mantha was also a beast when it comes to shots (4.8/gm) and I like where he landed with the Red Wings.

Have at me in the comments.