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Announcement: Available & Upcoming Scouting Reports

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Mike Ehrmann

Yeah, we know you haven't been hearing much from us lately but behind the scenes we've actually been pretty busy getting ready for the upcoming fantasy hockey season and along those lines we wanted to give you a headsup on what we have in store.

1. 2013 Fantasy Prospect Rankings (Prospects DB) - Our top 500 prospect rankings in a customizable spreadsheet, perfect for your keeper or dynasty league prospect draft. Worth the $5 for the time it saves you alone. AVAILABLE NOW!

2. 2013/14 SuperStats - The biggest & baddest projected stats file there shall ever be... perfect for the statsheads. A steal for only $5.

Sorry, no Breakout Bible or Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR) this year, they're taking a sabbatical.

So the Prospect DB is out and ready for purchase and our plan is to have the SuperStats ready in Mid-September... so stay tuned.

Stay cool & enjoy your summer.