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The Old Guard: Top Eleven Fantasy Geezers

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The best of those with not much left.

Al Bello

Sure, guys on this list like St. Louis and Chara will be earlier selections in your draft, but a late round selection plus a nice swan song season from some of the others could mean the difference for your team.

1. Martin St. Louis (age 38). In the past seven seasons, St. Louis has posted point totals of 102, 83, 80, 94, 99, 74, and 60 in 2013 (on pace for 102). No player has had a longer interval (9 years) between Art Ross trophies. He was never drafted, and, keeping to form, it appears he may never retire. 
2013 pace: 29+73=102, 24 PIM, 191 SOG, 34 PPP (48 GP)
2013-14 outlook: expect another big-time year.

2. Zdeno Chara (age 36). Through some very complex data analysis and a series of advanced statistics algorithms, we've determined that Zdeno Chara is, in fact, still Zdeno Chara, and will likely remain that way throughout the 2013-14 season.
2013 pace: 12+21=33, 119 PIM, 203 SOG, 7 PPP (48 GP)
2013-14 outlook: stats and ice-time on the decline but, as noted above, Chara is Chara. The math don't lie.

3. Jarome Iginla (age 36). With the exception of St. Louis, Iggy might end up the best option on this list, as he's only one year removed from a 32+35=67, 251 SOG season, and will now be lacing  'em up for some horrible team called the Boston Bruins.
2013 pace: 26+35=61, 57 PIM, 250 SOG, 22 PPP (44 GP)
2013-14 outlook: could lead the Bs in points - he's the PP finisher they've been lacking.

4. Dan Boyle (age 37). San Jose still has a core of elite forwards, and with Burns playing RW, Boyle remains the only real option for PP1 quarterback. Combine a contract and Olympic year for Boyle and he should come out flying.
2013 pace: 12+23=35, 48 PIM, 173 SOG, 23 PPP (46 GP)
2013-14 outlook: more of the same, but not a top 5 D-man anymore.

5. Jaromir Jagr (age 41). He's said this season will be his last, so expect many deserved tributes and farewell tour histrionics throughout the year. But your pool probably doesn't consider such things, and fantasy-wise, Jags might be in a spot of trouble down in low-scoring NJ. Still easily worth a late-rounder.
2013 pace: 29+35=64, 40 PIM, 209 SOG, 20 PPP (45 GP)
2013-14 outlook:: take 20-25% off the above stats

6. Shane Doan (age 36). A career roto first team all-star, but on pace for only five PPP last season. His role is changing, but with Ribeiro feeding him now, maybe we'll see one last blast.
2013 pace: 22+24=46, 58 PIM, 220 SOG, 5 PPP (48 GP)
2013-14 outlook: probably not much different from the above pace, maybe a few more PPP.

7. Evgeni Nabokov (age 38). Although his 2013 peripherals were average, Nabby still put together a very nice 23-11-4 record. The Isles are on the upswing, so don't expect a regression - in fact, the opposite is likely.
2013 stats: 23-11-4, 2.50 GAA, .910 SV%
2013-14 outlook: 60-65 starts, 35 wins, decent peripherals.

8. Sergei Gonchar (age 39). He was prone to cold streaks last year (three points in February, five points in 16 games to finish the year), but still ended up with some great overall numbers. He'll be handed the keys to PP1, and with Benn and Seguin out there, Gonchar could defy time once again.
2013 pace: 5+44=49, 47 PIM, 155 SOG, 22 PPP (45 GP)
2013-14 outlook: no reason to think he won't lead the Stars in D powerplay time and points.

9. Ray Whitney (age 41). Whitney doesn't get nearly enough credit for his ultra-sublime sense of the game. He's had 11 seasons with at least 35 assists, which puts him somewhere near upper-middle pack in the record books for most seasons with 35 assists. Okay, but still!
2013 pace: 28+46=74, 10 PIM, 159 SOG, 30 PPP (32 GP)
2013-14 outlook: a similar pace, but how many games will he play?

10. Tomas Vokoun (age 37). When I drafted Marc-Andre Fleury in the FHS Premier League last season, our own Diomedes7 told me to "RUN, don't walk, RUN to the wire and get Vokoun".  As it turned out, he was right eventually, and we all know the story there. Whether or not he reclaims the starting role, you can count on Vokoun to win a lot more than he loses, with great peripherals.
2013 stats: 13-4, 2.45 GAA, .919 SV%
2013-14 outlook: at a minimum, the best spot starter in the league

11. Teemu Selanne (age 43). If your pool has a category for nostalgia or sentimentalism, be sure to draft Selanne early. Otherwise, it's up to us to let you know that over his final 27 games, the Finished Flash posted 6+1=7 and a minus-13.
2013 pace: 21+21=42, 50 PIM, 171 SOG, 12 PPP (46 GP)
2013-14 outlook: probably best to say your farewell now.

I've probably overlooked some players who should be on this list - please feel free to chime in.