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Announcement: SuperStats Unleashed!

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Our big-ass fantasy hockey projection file has dropped


Alright, it's ready! The leaves are turning, training camps have opened and fantasy hockey season is fast approaching. Your drafts are just around the corner, so it's time to get hot & heavy with your favourite excel file... SuperStats is here!

2013/14 SuperStats - The biggest & baddest projected stats file there shall ever be... perfect for the statsheads. We crammed buttloads of data for nearly 800 players into this sucker, so better prepare your brain for meltdown before you open it.  A steal for only $5.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

And don't forget about our previously released 2013 Fantasy Prospect Rankings (Prospects DB). This is our top 500 prospect rankings in a customizable spreadsheet, perfect for your keeper or dynasty league prospect draft. Worth the $5 for the time it saves you alone. AVAILABLE NOW!

Sorry, no Breakout Bible or Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR) this year, they're taking a sabbatical.

Good Luck!