Vanek Trade

I've been offered Holtby and D. Brown for Vanek

I picked up Grubauer which probably made me a target for him to offload Holtby. Vanek's been pretty good and I got pretty excited on him getting out of the hole that is Buffalo. Brown seems to be pretty terrible this year, but I suppose this would be a good trade if Holtby gets back in the saddle in Washington. However the Caps seem to love abandoning their #1 for the next flavour, so i'm hesitant to believe Holtby will return in full.

14 Team H2H, pretty standard cats.

My goalie bench is a sad place to be right now

G - Miller, Grubauer, Bryzgalov, IR Fasth

C - Thornton, Bergeron, Stepan

LW - Kane, Vanek, Dubinsky

RW - Kane, Kessel, Gallagher

D - Yandle, Krug, Shultz, McDonagh

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