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2 Minutes for Tweeting

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A look at the best NHL hockey related tweets from the past week

Bruce Bennett

A collection of twitter tweets from around the NHL for the past week that either contain useful information from a fantasy perspective, or simply provide the lighter side of things to help you get through your hump day.

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Enjoy this week's edition of....

2 Minutes for Tweeting

Backstrom_medium Bonino_medium Brown_medium Chara_medium Charabed_medium Cherry_medium Clemmensen_medium Ferraro_medium Fistric_medium Gagner_medium Goaliessochi_medium Johnson_medium Juice_medium Kovar_medium Lack_medium Letang_medium Lupul_medium Morin_medium Nhldates_medium Nielsen_medium Ott_medium Parise_medium Pavelski_medium Penner_medium Perron_medium Price_medium Prust_medium Schedule_medium Sedin_medium Smith_medium Snider_medium Sochi_medium Stewart_medium Thescout_medium Toffoli_medium Washroom_medium

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