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Fantasy Hockey Injury Updates for Tuesday

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A quick look at NHL injury news on Tuesday morning

Mike Smith left the Monday night's contest after making a save awkwardly (physically awkward, not Dallas-Eakins-upset-at-Taylor-Hall-for-squirting awkward). I'm guessing he'll be out for a while with a knee injury because he couldn't put any weight on it.

Viktor Fasth sprained his neck in practice. He's day-to-day for now. No word on whether he's faking it to avoid having to play in front of the (totally justified) jersey-tossing Oilers fans.

Derek Roy will miss Tuesday's game against the Leafs due to a lower-body injury.

Bobby Ryan sat out Monday and will also miss Tuesday's game. He'll be re-evaluated Wednesday. No real details but he crashed into the boards last week.

With his wife giving birth to a small child, Andrew Ladd missed Monday's game, showing he is as capable of producing offspring as he is offence (seven in 11 this month - goals, not children).

Everyone on the New York Rangers has the flu, but none of them missed Monday's game, they just played lethargically. Mostly Martin St. Louis and Derek Stepan. They were seen on the bench wrapped in blankets, drinking tea.