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Sunday's Fantasy Hockey Injury Updates

A fantasized look at NHL injuries from Saturday.

Phil Kessel (and my sanity) needed x-rays after the game.
Phil Kessel (and my sanity) needed x-rays after the game.
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

While there is not much to report on the injury front, there were two biggies yesterday:

Matt Duchene (Colorado): After colliding with teammate Jamie McGinn, Duchene suffered a left-knee injury during the opening minute of Saturday's game. He underwent an MRI last night, but his status and the extent of his injury have not been updated. Keep your fingers crossed, but this does not look good.

Phil Kessel (Toronto): Even worse,* Phil Kessel also went down yesterday. He stopped a pass from James van Riemsdyk with his foot, sulked to the bench in pain, did not return, and was seen limping after the game. He underwent x-rays, but the results have not been released. I am a wealth of information today, I know. *Worse because this directly hurts my Virgins and I am self-centered.

Tomas Plekanec (Montreal): The center missed Saturday's game because of "personal reasons," rumored to be a "family matter." I am not annoyed about this at all, I swear. For weeks, I debated whether I should drop him because he was effectively useless. Then, over the past seven games, he scored three goals and three assists, somewhat vindicating the number of expletives I hurled at him. And now this. While it would be rude to speculate why he returned to Montreal for reasons unrelated to hockey, I would prefer that he refills his herpes medication on the road in the future. Thanks.