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Week 24's Free Agents and Trade Targets

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Sunday Night Lookers to help you get ahead in your league.

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Good going, really, or else I’m sorry for your loss.


Gustav Nyquist - Det - C,RW - 60% owned with 26+18=44
Boring, right? I know this is no surprise to anyone who actually knows what’s up around here, but Nyquist is still worth grabbing. Like, right now. I haven’t held Gus up as Pickup of the Week yet, but there’s just no denying it any longer. I can’t believe that he’s only owned in 60% of leagues; that can only mean that the other 40% have thrown in the towels. Gus is a point-per-game player. Right now he has 44 points in 49 games, but give the guy a break: he’s got 12 points in his last 8 games. Not only that, but 10 of those points are goals. Goals. That’s not easy to do. Nyquist has scored more goals than anyone else over the last 14 days, and he’s second only to Jerome Iginla for the last 30 days. He’s a +14 on the season and shoots the puck more than most guys. I just don’t understand what the hold up is here. Nyquist should be owned in close to 100% of leagues by now.

SHALLOW LEAGUE FREE AGENTS and TRADE TARGETS (owned in over 50% of Yahoo! leagues)

Gustav Nyquist - Det - C,RW - 60% owned with 26+18=44
See above ∆∆∆

Mikko Koivu - Min - C - 53% owned with 9+38=47
Micky Koi is a playmaker; he can rack up the assists for you better than a lot of the guys in the NHL and would be a great compliment to your team next to a guy like Nyquist. Koivu struggled a little early on this season and then was out with an injury for a while, but he’s been dishing passes for goals at a rate now that suggests he might be a good acquisition for whatever time you have left. Koivu has 1 goal and 9 assists in his last 7 games, and because Minnesota is fighting the good fight for a playoff spot, they’re going to need their captain to step up. With his recent play, it’s looking like Koivu might be good for it.

MEDIUM-DEPTH FREE AGENTS and TRADE TARGETS (25-50% ownership in Yahoo! leagues)

Ryan Callahan - TB - RW - 47% owned with 16+18=34
If you’re in a league that counts hits, Callahan should be on your squad. Since joining Tampa only 12 games ago, Callahan has notched 5 goals and 4 assists on the productive line of Ondrej Palat and Valtteri Filppula. In his last 5 games, Cally’s pocketed 4 goals and 5 points. His plus minus is slowly improving, and with 172 hits on the season, Callahan could win some battles with you for that. Goals and hits, bro.

Karri Ramo - Cgy - G - 33% owned with 14 W , 2.57 GAA, and .913 SV%
Calgary’s been playing some actually decent hockey lately, and Kari Ramo is a big part of this. Ramo and the Flames (anybody need a shitty garage rock band name?) have won 3 of their last 4, over which Ramo’s SV% never once dipped below .912. He’s looking like a good stopgap if you’ve got a leak going into the Final Days. Have a look and hope they keep it up.

DEEPER LEAGUE FREE AGENTS (25% ownership or less in Yahoo! leagues)

Antoine Roussel - Dal - LW - 11% owned with 13+15=28
PIMs guys are frustrating because you’re forced to trust them. You have to see a few games without infractions and be like, "it’s cool, guy, you’ve got this." This is especially true if you’re gambling in deep leagues with a dude who’s only on the ice for ~6 minutes a game for one reason only. Fortunately, at only 11% owned, Antoine Roussel might be one of the best bets out there if you need your PIMs boosted because he can throw a few points in the mix. Roussel has 193 PIMs on the season with 134 hits and 103 shots, but he’s also punched 1 goal and 5 points with 15 PIMs and a +3 rating in the last 3 games. I know, I know, you like your PIMs guys to be complete hits pigs too (that combo goes so nicely together,) but you can’t always have it all.

Alec Martinez - LA - D - 10% owned with 10+8=18
Martinez has been something else lately. He’s still putting up points at a pace that’s  surprising to everyone out there who isn’t a liar. Over his lat 12 games, Marty’s put up 4 goals and 8 points (4 PPP) to go along with a +8 rating. That’s damn pretty for a d-man who’s only owned in 10% of leagues.

Jake Gardiner - Tor- D - 13% owned with 10+18=28
Someone who might deserve an even closer look than Martinez (depending on what you’re looking for) is Jake Gardiner, who has 5 goals and 10 points in his last 12 games. His plus-minus isn’t as shiny as Martinez’s (-1 on the season vs. M’s +15,) but Gardiner takes a lot more shots on goal and has been very consistent lately with at least a point in 6 of his last 7 games (9 points over that span.) The Leafs are floundering, but Gardiner’s obviously looking alright.

THE MIDNIGHT SPECIALS (5% ownership or less in Yahoo! leagues)

Zack Kassian - Van - RW - 3% owned with 13+13=26
Zack Kassian has almost been a guy worth adding for much of this season now, and now might be his time for real in deeper leagues. On March 23, Kassian posted a dominant night of 4 assists, a +4 rating, and 3 hits. In the the games since then, he’s scored 2 goals and registered 1 assists (1 point each game.) He has a +6 over those 4 games with 9 shots  and 6 hits. Kassian already has 124 penalty minutes on the season, and that combined with his recent upsurge in point-scoring, Kassian can be a very cheap all-category helper for those of you in deeper leagues.