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Fantasy Hockey Injury News for Sunday

A fantasized look at some NHL injury news on a Sunday morning.

Thomas B. Shea

Kari Lehtonen got absolutely plowed by Erik Haula last night. Haula basically used his head as a battering ram knocking Lehtonen's helmet right off and sending his exposed head right into the crossbar. It looks like a concussion and possibly a bad one. Run to the wire for Tim Thomas as he was likely dropped in a lot of leagues following his trade to the Stars. I just dropped Thomas two nights ago in a league where I own Lehtonen. What a dope I am.

Paul Stastny was forced to leave yesterday's tilt early with a back injury. No word on the severity yet this morning but keep an eye on this one. Back injuries are tricky.

It was announced that Ryan Murray will miss the rest of the season after undergoing knee surgery. Tough break for the kid as he was feeling comfortable in an NHL uniform this year.

Steve Downie sat out of last night's Flyers game with a case of the sniffles.