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Week 25's Free Agents and Trade Targets

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Sunday Night Lookers to help you get ahead in your league.

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Ilya Bryzgalov - Min - D - 19% owned with 10 W, 2.86 GAA, and .911 SV%
With Darcy Kuemper still listed as day-to-day, Bryz will continue to act as Minesota’s #1, and he’s been doing such a good job at it that he might continue in that role even after Kemp’s feeling ready again. Kuemper really blew the last two matches he started, was down-sliding a little, and Brygalov owns a 7-0-5 record since January 27th, holding up a 1.83 GAA and a .931 SV % over that period. He even posted a 20-save shutout last night against the Penguins, of all teams. I’m sure Bryz’s ownership rates would be soaring if most people hadn’t already been humiliated out of their leagues. Minnesota is still battling for a playoff spot, and Bryz is giving them what they might need to secure it. The Wild are playing 4 games next week, so Breezy holds strong as one of the best low-cost pickups right now. He just might even play better than any of the other clinch-team goalies you have; there’s more to fight for, and despite his inconsistencies in the past, Bryz is a veteran and has what it takes to hold it together.

SHALLOW LEAGUE FREE AGENTS and TRADE TARGETS (owned in over 50% of Yahoo! leagues)

Patrice Bergeron - Bos - C - 86% owned with 28+31=59
I feel like I’m talking to walls when I mention guys like this at this stage of the fantasy season, but it’s kind of crazy that Bergeron isn’t owned in more leagues. Let’s take a 10-game sample: over that time, he’s put up 9 GOALS (!?!) and 13 points, to go along with a +6 rating, 6 PIMs, 7 hits, 9 blocks, and a boggling 42 shots. Like, what more do you want from the guy? A +38 rating on the season? Check (wait, what?). 233 SOG? Yup, done. The Bruins play another 4 games next week, and you’re seriously flawed if you can grab him and don’t. I don’t care if there are people saying the B’s might rest their top guys; this is a matter of principle.

Michael Cammalleri - Cgy - C,LW - 56% owned with 26+17=43
Lesser owned Michael Cammalleri also plays 4 games next week, and there wouldn’t be much use in the Flames’ staff resting him up. Mike’s been putting up the points over the last while and could be a great addition in your last week if you need goals (and who doesn’t?). In his last 10 games, Mike owns 7 goals and 13 points. More surprising is his +11 rating over those 10 games, so he’s been good for that, too. And you know the guy takes shots, and that doesn’t hurt anyone now does it?

MEDIUM-DEPTH FREE AGENTS and TRADE TARGETS (25-50% ownership in Yahoo! leagues)

Mats Zuccarello - NYR - LW - 33% owned with 17+38=55
Zucarello is back from his Olympic injury, has been for a while, but nobody’s really taken notice to how well he’s been playing. Again. Mats is currently on a 4 game points streak with 4 goals and 7 points, and has put up 12 points and a +7 rating in his last 10 games. What makes him even more enticing is that he’s been working the peripherals better than he was before, taking more shots and laying more hits. In last nights game, Zucarello clocked 2 goals, 2 PIMs, 3 shots, and 4 hits. This guy can really help your squad next week, even if the Rangers are only playing 3 games next week. Think about it.

Anton Khudobin - Car - G - 18 W, 2.14 GAA, and .931 SV%
Khudobin has been a tasty treat this season for those who grabbed him and stuck with him, and his recent play has kept original starter Cam Ward waiting on the bench. In 34 games played, Khudobin sports a 18-13-1 record, holding up a real pretty .931 SV %, and in his last 10 games, Khudo has only dipped into the murk of a sub-.900 .SV% twice. Most of his numbers are much, much better than that. Have a look, you might need him.

DEEPER LEAGUE FREE AGENTS (25% ownership or less in Yahoo! leagues)

Ilya Bryzgalov - Min - D - 19% owned with 10 W, 2.86 GAA, and .911 SV%
See above ∆∆∆

Josh Bailey - NYI - LW - 8% owned with 8+25=33
With 2 goals and 6 points in his last 4 games, Josh Bailey is the league’s hottest pickups right now and was a serious contender for Pickup of the Week. Bailey has had a pretty awful season with only 8 goals and 34 points, but he’s starting to pull it together. His current streak looks promising to a fantasy team in need of a few points in their last week of play, especially since 4 of those 6 points came on the man advantage. The Islanders play 4 games next week, so Bailey could be a great grab if he continues to show why he’s making a half-decent salary in the old NH of L.

Chris Neil - Ott - RW - 10% owned with 8+6=14
If you want to secure your PIMs race in the final week of play, Chris Neil should be your go-to. He now tops the list as having the most penalty minutes in the whole NHL, and he puts up those minutes at such a consistent week-by-week pace that he could really do it for you—if you are patient and don’t cut him after one PIMless game (people get impatient with this stat). Neil’s been my favourite enforcer both in fantasy and Real Life for some time, and he’s really been grinding again this season, even after missing some time. Neil has 204 PIMs and a massive 241 hits in 72 games played, and Ottawa has 4 games next week. Grab him if you need him.

THE MIDNIGHT SPECIALS (5% ownership or less in Yahoo! leagues)

Charlie Coyle Min - C,RW - 6% owned with 11+16=27
Hey, I know he’s owned in 6% of leagues, and so that kind of disqualifies him from this section, but I don’t care. It’s the last week, are you going to fire me? For real, though, Charlie really does deserves the standalone status. He’s playing on the top-line of a seriously battling team alongside the likes of Zach Parise and Mikko Koivu. In his last 8 games, Coyle has 4 goals and 9 points, to go along with an unholy 25 hits. That only gives him 29 points and 103 hits over 66 games, but it’s clear that Charlie Boy is playing with a new kind of fire. I’m gonna say it: right now Coyle should be owned in all deep leagues that value hits. And other leagues, too. Check yourself.