Is E. Kane still keeper worthy?

As the season winds down and I'm in the finals of my league, I have some issues to deal with. I am very injury ridden (of course, just with long term DTD injuries like Toews that I cannot drop or replace or stick on the IR). I've been looking at potential drops and am wondering who is the better keeper for me next year A. Steen or E. Kane. Kane has been a disappointment this season and Steen has been a complete surprise. I suspect both with move in the opposite direction next season (Steen cant keep this pace next year can he? ANd Kane can only get better). But in the playoffs I have to drop one. Kane has been having healthy scratches and not really performing when he is on the ice. But Steen is DTD as well, and no word on his return.

Which of these two do I drop, and lose for next season?

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