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Wednesday's NHL Fantasy Hockey News

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From underdog to FHS Champion, a Cinderella story

Yep, I did it! The Dubai Mighty Camels are the 2014 FHS Ultimate Dynasty League Playoff Champions! And just incase you haven't been paying attention lately, I am the GM and I couldn't be more excited about how well my team performed through the 5 grueling rounds it took.

This was an unexpected result for me to be honest, especially after losing Stamkos earlier in the year. I knew I would be hard pressed just to qualify for the playoffs. I also remember someone was tasked with the predictions for the upcoming season. In a league of 20 teams and 4 divisions, I was chosen to come in last in the Smythe divison. Naturally, I was out to prove all the doubters wrong. I suppose being crowned Champion did just that!

Now to be fair, I did end up finishing 4th in the division so the prediction was fairly accurate. What was amazing though was how I just qualified for the playoffs in the final week of the regular season. My record was 106-139-35, so it wasn't a picture perfect season by all means, but DMC didn't give up all year, hanging in there until the final week of the regular season and it paid off.

To be honest, I was happy just making the playoffs. I didn't have high hopes for my team but I wasn't going to pack it in either and give up as if that was good enough. DMC was about to get healthy finally and I wanted to see how I competed against the best of the best. I wanted to desperately get by my first round opponent as well as it meant that I would more then likely get Stammer back in time for my next matchup. After winning my wild card match, I started to believe that it was possible and I never looked back.

Everything seemed to be clicking for me at the right time. Partly due to luck and partly due to well timed waiver wire crap pickups. I got Stamkos back, Miller was playing in St. Louis, Bryz went on an incredible run, Maroon and Winnik were getting hot, Goligoski turned the clock back while Daley went along for the ride, Semin got into one of his quarterly streaks, Zubrus scored a timely 2 goal game and Sustr got called up and scored his first career goal.

There was never an easy match as my run included taking on 3 of the 4 divisional champs. The final was decided by a mere 2 goals. From underdog to Champion. I'm going to enjoy this one.

The first thing I am going to do to celebrate is to take the girlfriend out for dinner. She had to sacrifice through many nights of scoreboard watching and couch coaching. She deserves this happy meal. The next thing is to start planning my off-season moves. I now have a target on my back and will be hard pressed to have a repeat performance. But my goal is to finish as the top team in the regular season before taking on the role of defending my championship in the playoffs.

Thanks FHS for organizing the UDL League and a great group of owners. This league is a ton of fun to be a part of and the writers will be hard pressed to keep the championship 3 years in a row.

For those that are curious, league cats are as follows: PT-D, G, A, 2G+A, PIM, SOG, STG, Hit, Blk, FO%, W, GAA, SV%, SHO

Dubai Mighty Camels (Core Roster)

C - Fisher, Kelly, Stamkos, Mitchell, H. Sedin

LW - Landeskog, Maroon, Lucic, Winnik, Jones, J.T. Brown

RW - Boyes, Downie, Horton, Semin, Zubrus

D - Ceci, Coburn, Gilbert, Goligoski, Greene, Lindholm, Vatanen, Sustr

G - Bryzgalov, Miller, Enroth, Lack


I didn't do any game recaps today for my final post. If you are in the final of your league, your roster is probably set already. But if you still have some decisions to make, feel free to ask in the comments section below and good luck!

Thanks to all of our readers this season. I had a great time doing the Dosage every week and reading all the feedback and comments I received. I also want to thank the FHS team and especially JSuites for continuing to heckle me to join the team the last few years. This really is a great team to be a part of and all of the writers this year that contributed towards FHS should be given kudos themselves. This is all voluntary but our passion towards fantasy hockey is what drives us and hopefully, we were able to help some of you become champions this year too.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me yet here but I will do my best to keep 2 Minutes for Tweeting rolling as often as I can throughout the off-season. It may not be as frequent as usual as the content may not be there but I'll do my best to continue to post them and hopefully continue to entertain you on your hump days as often as possible.

I will also be taking on a new adventure with a very well known goalie expert. And although it is just a small role, I won't be able to release the details just yet. But when the time is right, I'll be on twitter announcing the news. It's an exciting opportunity and really, I am just happy to be able to contribute in any way I can towards helping aspiring goaltenders around the world.

Exactly one month from today I'll be on a cruise ship headed to the tropical area known as Alaska. Has anyone been there before and have any tips?

Enjoy the real NHL Playoffs and feel free to follow @TheScouts for your regular updates or me @Pope604 for the random well spaced out thoughts. And of course, if you haven't done so yet, follow @2fortweeting to show your support!