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Fantasy Prospect Rankings

Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Fantasy Prospect Rankings

Released: August 16th, 2013

Top500fp_medium You in a dynasty or keeper league with a prospect draft and having trouble tracking down a comprehensive list of fantasy hockey prospects? Well, that's cause it didn't exist... until now (well, actually, until 2010 when we started releasing this every year).

We've put together a Fantasy Prospects DB, which includes:

- Our Top 500 Fantasy Prospects ranked & rated based on their long-term fantasy potential, both broken down by position (including goalies) and combined;

- Our ranking of the Top 100 2013 draft eligible prospects based on their long-term fantasy potential; and

- Stats for the 2011/12 & 2012/13 seasons for all players.

Basically we've developed these lists for our own use but figured that other Fantasy GMs might be interested in somethng like this... here's a little more on some of the features:

YOU: I wish that the list was in a spreadsheet so I could easily update and manipulate it so that it's relevant for whatever league I'm drafting for?

US: Done.

YOU: Yeah but my league doesn't include goalies.

US: Then use the forward & dman lists or filter down the combined list to the exact list that's appropriate for your league.

YOU: But my league only allows prospects with under 25 games played to be drafted.

US: Well boo-hoo, that's why we include the games played for each prospect (note we only include prospects with 75 or less career NHL games played) so you can filter down to the exact list that's appropriate for your league.

YOU: Yo, my league only allows prospects who are still Calder eligible to be drafted.

US: Yo, well you'll be glad that we included a field which shows if the player is still Calder eligible so that you can filter down to the exact list that's appropriate for your league.

YOU: My league is deep... I mean really deep.

US: Great, well this sucker goes 500 prospects deep, so pretty much any Tom, Sven & Igor who you'd ever want to consider drafting is in there.

Don't like our rankings?... our feelings won't be hurt, modify the list however you want, while we want to help you win your league, we also want to save you hard working fantasy GMs some time, so don't worry about trying to create your own prospect list and just start with ours. As our motto says, "You're the GM, we're your scouting department".

So if you think this might help you in a keeper league or dynasty league prospect draft, then for only $5.00 you can grab a copy of the Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Fantasy Prospects DB