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SuperStats - The FHS Projected Statistics Spreadsheet

Fantasy Hockey Scouts: 2013/14 SuperStats Projected Statistics

Release Date: September 15th, 2013


Any experienced fantasy hockey GMs knows that projected stats aren't 100% accurate. Even the best are only getting within five points about 1/3 of the time. So why buy them? Because it's a quick and dirty draft cheat sheet for you. We adjust for injuries, potential and new linemates to give you a live working document that you can chop and change anyway you want to.

This year we've made our projected stats file bigger and badder than ever before... welcome to the 3rd annual version of the FHS SuperStats.

What do you get with SuperStats?

- 100 different stats categories for almost 800 players. That's 80,000 pieces of info!

- 2013-14 Projections for Skaters: goals, assists, points, points per game, plus-minus, PIMs, power play goals, power play assists, power play points, shots on goal, hits blocked shots, face off wins, face off losses, and game winning goals.

- 2013-14 Projections for Goalies: goalie games played, games started, wins, losses, overtime losses, shutouts, goals against average, save percentage, shots on goal, goals against, saves, minutes played, assists and PIM's.

- Historical Data: We have even more stats (like TOI, PPTOI, Shorthanded Points, Overtime Goals, Empty Net Goals) for the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons. Also we averaged the last three years and prorated the numbers to 82 in our very handy 3Y/82 section.

- Rankings: We put together our rankings based on all the major stats categories and taking into account injury risk and breakout potential. We'd suggest you tweak these to personalize them to your league or if you're short on time our FHS Rank column should be effective to use in most formats.

- Injury Risk: All the injury prone guys are highlighted for your convenience on draft day. We don't want you accidentally drafting too many injury risks this season.

- 2013-14 Salary and Cap Info: Are you in a cap league? We linked in as much of the salary info as we could get our hands on to make your life easier on draft day.

- Bio Info: We through in a few extra bits that might help you impress a few people on draft day. Number, Shooting/Catching Hand, Birth Country, Height, Weight might win you a few bar bets.

And remember because it's an Excel Spreadsheet it's fully customizable. Rank it how you want. Deleted the columns you don't care about.

So how does that sound? If it sounds good then it can be yours for only $5... AVAILABLE NOW!